How does this survey works?

The survey consits of 4 parts: 

  1. pledge level change: 
    Here you're able to change your pledge level to a higher one. If you'd like to switch from your red or silver racer to the orange stretch goal color, you can do this here.

  2. Survey:
    Some questions we ask to help us with the further development of DR!FT. Super Early-Bird Backers will be asked for the car's color here..

  3. Shop:
    Order additonal racers, curbs, keychains and the tuning rims..

  4. Checkout:
    Enter your delivery and payment (if necessary) details here. 

I want to buy some more items. Why do I have to enter my payment data again?

We do not have access to the payment data you've entered on Kickstarter.

I pledged for a (Super) Early Bird (Red Turbo or Silver V8) and would like a limited Kickstarter-Racer or in the stretch goal color instead.

In the first step you have the possibility to change your reward level. Select "YES" at "Would you like change to another pledge level?" and select the desired pledge level. 

I pledged for a (Super) Early Bird (Red Turbo or Silver V8) and would like an additional Racer.

In the third step you're able to order as many Racer (and accesories) as you want.

How much is an additional DR!FT-Racer?

If you pledged at least129 EUR at the campaign, you can order ONE additional racer (Red Turbo or Silver V8) for 120 EUR. Alle weiteren kosten 149 EUR.

I paid more money on Kickstarter for rims or an additional racer. How do I continue?

This money will be recognized by our system and added as credit during the survey. You can use your credit for an upgrade to a higher pledge level or to buy additional items.

I have still a question. Who can I ask?

Questions about Crowdpilot, if you (technical) problems with this survey:

Question about the projects itself, the DR!FT-Racer or accessories: